YPP Chamber Players

Chamber Music is an integral part of classical music performance.  The YPP Chamber Players is a program that expands the scope of the Young People’s Philharmonic through study and performance of music for small ensembles consisting of one player per part.   Historically, “chamber” referred to a room in a house or palace in which the music was performed.  The form has been described as “the music of friends” by composer Richard Walthew and as “four rational people conversing” by poet Goethe.

It is our mission to provide serious young musicians an opportunity to gain control of and confidence in their musicianship.  The program focuses on learning in a small group setting through enhanced focus on listening skills, non-verbal communication, and cooperation.  Since there is only one player per part, it requires each musician to be autonomous while working within the group.  They receive more concentrated and individual attention from a chamber music coach than they would from an orchestral conductor, and they are expected to participate in a more direct way.  This includes forming and voicing opinions about music, learning how to conduct rehearsals themselves, and discovering and contributing to the unique sound the group is striving for.  Finally, the potential for personal peer relationships is strong as the students learn to work together as equals.

The YPP Chamber Players grew out of a project nurtured by Nancy Bidlack in 2012.

We currently offer:

Woodwind Quintet – Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, French Horn, Bassoon (Nancy Beitler, coach)

Brass Ensemble – Two Trumpets, Trombone, Tuba or Bass Trombone (Lawrence Wright, coach)

String Quartet – Two Violins, Viola, Cello (Michael Jorgensen, coach)

This year we will be expanding the program to include our JSP students as well, forming one or more String Quartets at that level. (Sharon Fischer, coach)

The program is open to orchestra members and non-members alike and consists of 15 coachings at a tuition of $350 per year.  Performance opportunities will be announced.