The Young Peoples’ Chamber Music Program

Chamber Music is an integral part of classical music performance.  The Young People’s Chamber Music program is an expansion of the Young Peoples Philharmonic Organization and Mission providing an opportunity for serious young musicians to add to their repertoire of classical musical experiences.  It consists of intensive study in a chamber group and includes a number of opportunities for education and performance. ��The program is open to orchestra members and non-members alike.  Because of the nature of chamber music, full participation is necessary for any performances to take place.

The purpose of the Young Peoples Chamber Music Program is to expand the scope of the Young Peoples Philharmonic, and thereby fulfill a longtime dream of the founders, Nancy and Jerry Bidlack.  Chamber Music is an essential part of classical music, and is integral to any young musician’s education.  We would like to offer a wider variety of musical opportunities to the youth who participate in the YPP organization, and more fully round out their musical experience.  Exposing students to more types of classical music will enhance their knowledge of, and engagement with, the art form as well as promote an appreciation for many types of classical music for the duration of their lifetime.

Chamber music, specifically, focuses on learning in a small group setting.  It requires enhanced focus and listening skills.  The students receive a higher level of attention from a chamber music coach than they would from a conductor, and are expected to participate in a more direct way.  Playing music in a small group also requires that students enhance their non-verbal communication and cooperation.  Finally, the potential for personal peer relationships is stronger, because each student learns that he or she is vital to the success of the group.  Though we teach this through playing music together, the transferrable skills students learn from the experience are unparalleled.